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When is General Anesthesia Appropriate?

General anesthesia may be necessary for children who require a major dental procedure. The dental procedure is scheduled at our office where you will meet our Pediatric Dentist and our anesthesia team. Parents may also choose general anesthesia when children need multiple teeth treated at once. This helps decrease the child’s anxiety and makes the experience less painful.


Why is an Anesthesiologist Required?

 An anesthesiologist is required to ensure that your child is safely sedated during the procedure. The anesthesiologist is also responsible for monitoring the vital signs of your child while they are under anesthesia, which includes heart rate and respiration.

Multiple Treatments in a Single Visit

By using general anesthesia, our team will be able to address multiple issues in a single visit which can be tiring for a child. We find they often get restless when having to stay seated for extended periods. By gently sedating the patient, we can get the work completed in less time with no negative memory associations that can lead to dental phobias.

Safety and Experience is Paramount

Our team has decades of combined experience in these dental procedures and general anesthesia. The miles of smiles are the result of practiced safety protocol. The care and safety of our patients is our top priority.

Considering general anesthesia for your child but have questions? Check out our FAQ page.